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Ideas, advice, and how-to for one of the hottest wedding stylesA barn is a magical place for a wedding. Steeped in history and evoking the simplicity of a place that time has forgotten, the classic American barn has been an irresistible subject for artists, poets, and city folk alike. In Barn Weddings, Maggie Lord offers ideas and advice on how to create a barn wedding, including information on the different styles and décor as well as tips from the pros for making the day a special one to remember. Part indoor, part outdoor, but all beauty, history and romance, barn weddings are as practical as they are rife with opportunity for charm and creativity.Maggie Lord, a self-confessed wedding junkie since the age of thirteen, loves the romance and beauty of weddings. Passionate about rustic style and eager to share her discoveries and ideas while planning her own wedding, she started, which serves as a daily muse for brides, couples and wedding enthusiasts

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