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Welcome to a book written to challenge you, improve your brainstorming abilities, and
sharpen your game design skills! Challenges for Game Designers: Non-Digital Exercises
for Video Game Designers is filled with enjoyable, interesting, and challenging exercises
to help you become a better video game designer, whether you are a professional or
aspire to be. Each chapter covers a different topic important to game designers, and was taken from actual industry experience. After a brief overview of the topic, there
are five challenges that each take less than two hours and allow you to apply the material, explore the topic, and expand your knowledge in that area. Each chapter also includes 10 “non-digital shorts” to further hone your skills. None of the challenges in the book require any programming or a computer, but many of the topics feature challenges that can be made into fully functioning games. The book is useful for professional
designers, aspiring

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