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Kenyon, a prolific writer, evangelist and Bible teacher from the early 1900’s, explains how we received our healing with our salvation; uses hundreds of scriptures to expand on the Isaiah 53 verses where our redemption was outlined; describes how sin and sickness have the same source (satan); and outlines how to walk in what you’ve been given by the Father, and how to share it with others. Healing was and is God’s method of advertising! This truth (reality) is as fresh now, 80 years later, as the scriptures on which it’s based. Read it and find out why Kenyon is still impacting the world with the Word!

This book has challenged and stirred Christians and has inspired multitudes to step out in faith and receive the healing that Christ purchased for us. Dr. Kenyon had a rare gift for presenting the deep and profound truths of the Word in a simple and easily understood way. His inspired books were the forerunner of the deeper life teaching prevalent today, and every Christian shou

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