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A systems analysis approach to enterprise network designMaster techniques for checking the health of an existing network to develop a baseline for measuring performance of a new network designExplore solutions for meeting QoS requirements, including ATM traffic management, IETF controlled-load and guaranteed services, IP multicast, and advanced switching, queuing, and routing algorithmsDevelop network designs that provide the high bandwidth and low delay required for real-time applications such as multimedia, distance learning, and videoconferencingIdentify the advantages and disadvantages of various switching and routing protocols, including transparent bridging, source-route switching, Inter-Switch Link (ISL), IGRP, Enhanced IGRP, OSPF, and BGP4Effectively incorporate new technologies into a network design, including cable modems, DSL, Gigabit Ethernet, and VPNsTop-Down Network Design is a practical and comprehensive guide to designing enterprise networks that are reliable, secure, a

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