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Subtitled: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America’s Leading Design Firm IDEO, the widely admired, award-winning design and development firm that brought the world the Apple mouse, Polaroid’s I-Zone instant camera, the Palm V, and hundreds of other cutting edge products, reveals its secret for fostering innovative, out-of-the-box thinking across the world of business. There isn’t a business in America that doesn’t want to be more innovative and creative in their thinking, products, and processes. At many companies, being first with a concept and first to market are critical just to survive. In The Art of Innovation, the general manager of the world-renowned design firm IDEO, Thomas Kelley, takes readers behind the scenes of this wildly imaginative and energized company to reveal strategies and secrets it uses to turn out hit after hit. IDEO doesn’t believe in the myth of the lone genius working away in isolation, waiting for great ideas to strike. The fact is, as Kelley points ou

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