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The host of The Great British Bake-Off reveals the very best recipes from her wealth of experience—the foods that made her fall in love with cooking

Mary introduces you to her favourite dishes using produce from the farmers’ market, the herb garden, the seaside, the countryside and more. This all-new collection of more tahn 100 fuss-free, delicious dishes offers yet more inspirational ideas that anyone can try. From tempting Mini Beef Wellingtons, perfect for a party, to her foolproof Saturday Night Pasta, Mary’s no-nonsense advice means cooking for friends and family has never been simpler. And of course, there are plenty of indulgent cakes and teatime treats for those with a sweet tooth, such as Lime and Polenta Cake or Ginger and Sultana Iced Buns. These are dishes that Mary never tires of, that are not too difficult to make, that don’t have too many ingredients, and that’ll have all your family asking for second helpings! From tempting canapés and inspiring salads to com

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