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Only a few years ago, Alex Honnold was little known beyond a small circle of hardcore climbers. Today, at the age of 30, he is probably the most famous adventure athlete in the world. In that short time, he has proven his expertise in many styles of climbing and has shattered speed records, pioneered routes, and won awards within each discipline. More spectacularly still, he has pushed the most extreme and dangerous form of climbing far beyond the limits of what anyone thought was possible. Free soloing, Honnold’s specialty, is a type of climbing performed without a rope, a partner, or hardware – such as pitons, nuts, or cams – for aid or protection. The results of climbing this way are breathtaking, but the stakes are ultimate: If you fall, you die. In Alone on the Wall, Honnold recounts the seven most astonishing climbing achievements so far in his still-evolving career. He narrates the drama of each climb along with reflective passages that illuminate the inner workings of his highl . CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FOR FREE