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Key FeaturesDeploy an all-in-one cloud based on OpenStack Liberty (2015.2) using RDOLearn the fundamentals of the Neutron API including networks, subnets, and ports, and how to manage these resources in the cloudBuild simple virtual network infrastructures in the cloudBook DescriptionThe OpenStack Networking API offers users the ability to create and manage both basic and complex network architectures that blend the virtual and physical network infrastructure.This book kicks off by describing various components of Openstack Neutron and installing Ubuntu OpenStack based on Canonical’s process. Further on, you will use various methods to interface with Neutron to create and manage network resources. You will also get to grips with the relationship between ports, networks, and subnets through diagrams and explanations, and see how the logical components are implemented via plugins and agents.Moving forward, you will learn how virtual switches are implemented and how to build Neutron route

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