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Make your first steps in watercolor fun and rewarding! Watercolor’s vivid colors and fresh, direct brush strokes make it the most exciting way to paint. “But,” you think, “Learning to paint must be hard and frustrating.” Not with Cathy Johnson as your teacher! Here, she makes learning to paint in watercolor fun—even easy! With Painting Watercolors, you’ll learn to paint by picking up a brush and painting—not by reading about a bunch of confusing theories. Cathy tells you everything you need to begin—including: Which tools and materials you should buy to get off to a good, affordable start When, what, even where to paint Explanations of watercolor terms (such as “washes” and “puddles”) Easy and useful painting tricks—such as glazing and drybrush. Exercises help you loosen up and learn the ins and outs of putting paint on paper. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions show you how to paint water, believable skies, a variety of trees in different seasons and other popular elemen

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