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Wouldn’t it be great if art sold itself? If you have tried to sell art , you know it doesn’t. Selling art takes effort and skill. Jason Horejs has been in the gallery business for over 18 years and has owned Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ since 2001. In How to Sell Art, Horejs shares the entire selling process he and his staff employ when making a sale. From introductions, to creating a compelling dialogue, to closing a sale and beyond. Whether you are a gallerist trying to sell the work of others, or an artist working to sell your own art, Horejs gives you concrete, step-by step instructions that will help you tap and develop your inner salesperson. As with any other skill, you can increase your sales success by taking a systematic and consistent approach. How to Sell Art will help you take your art salesmanship to a higher level.

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