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Dumfries and Galloway Life Magazine’s ‘Book of the Month’ for April 2014 (Southwest Scotland) “…an excellent read.” National Kidney Federation’s Kidney Life Magazine – Summer 2013 You don’t remember your childhood in detail, so your memories thirty or forty years on have become hazy; times you had back then are painted in colours that have become distorted, and you find yourself recalling conversations you have created in your head. Through living in the false world of remembering, you can deal with the past in such a way that the things that happened, they appear to matter less. This is a love story. In the end, anyway, that’s what it will be. A love story gives you hope: whatever you have lost; whatever you have to gain. For me, as someone on daily kidney dialysis, when an offer of a kidney came along which I couldn’t possibly refuse, there was everything to gain. But the past has a way of interfering with what seems as though it is the right path… and how do you eve

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