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An extensively researched, illustrated chronicle of the Titanic presents dozens of paintings and illustrations and offers information on the ship’s “unsinkability” and its demise.The tragedy of the Titanic has been captured in fiction, nonfiction, music, poetry, cartoons, official judicial inquiry, survivors’ recollections, still photography, TV shows, and film; all of the above are covered to some extent in this good and popular book. But few Titanic books match the paintings by Ken Marschall, a specialist on the subject whose work can be found in other books by the ship’s discoverer, Robert Ballard, who wrote the introduction here. The photos are notable–including shots of the red-paint-stained iceberg that may have caused the sinking, the pristine ship, the sunken wreck, the people involved in the case–but Marschall’s dozens of large-scale paintings really do help to dramatize and explicate moments no camera glimpsed and few eyewitnesses agree upon. There is much to recommend th

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